The blog of designer/illustrator Aldous Massie.

This is the second concept for Eibol Music‘s New Fast Automatic album. Their upcoming release is a hip–hop album comprised mostly of synths and hard–knocking drums. The lyrics map out a time where the world has built its society based on technological advancements but ponders the likely outcome of technological failure.

Concept 2

The second concept shows an X–ray snapshot of two hands. While on the exterior, both hands would appear similar, the snapshot reveals that one is man and one is machine. The human hand is reaching for help, representing man’s unknowing dependence on machine/technology. The roaches crawling on the skeleton of the machine symbolise the invisible decay of technology and man’s impending doom—the consequence of relying so heavily on something approaching death.


This is a work–in–progress.
The first concept for the same album can be viewed here.