The blog of designer/illustrator Aldous Massie.

This is a nerdy personal project. It’s work–in–progress fan art of Ornstein and Smough from From Software‘s videogame Dark Souls.
The sketches below are mainly compositional studies, and have been rendered in fine–liners, pencils, a Pentel Brush Pen, and a gold marker. Digital progress is done on Adobe Photoshop.

The goal is to render them in a similar fashion to the final prints from the Rainbow Serpent series, with a matching O+S logo.




I’ll post more progress as it comes.

I plan on giving away a free A2 high–res downloadable PDF to Dark Souls fans.
Please visit my Facebook page here, Like the page and leave a Dark Souls related comment (so I know you’re a fan) and I’ll send you the print when it’s complete.